Xu Gu


My name is Xu Gu. I am a PhD Candidate at AIMind, Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence(GSAI), Renmin University of China(RUC), advised by Prof. Ruihua Song.
My research interests are Vision-and-Language and Multimodal video understanding.


    • [07/2023] One paper accepted by ACM Multimedia 2023!
    • [12/2022] Created my personal homepage!


TeViS: Translating Text Synopses to Video Storyboards
Xu Gu*, Yuchong Sun*, Feiyue Ni, Shizhe Chen, Xihua Wang, Ruihua Song, Boyuan Li, Xiang Cao

ACM Multimedia, 2023. [Project]  [arXiv]  [Code] 

(* represents the equal contribution)